Xlib Club

XLib Club kiev
XLib Club kiev

The concept behind the «Xlib» (“Bread”) night club was to shock metropolitan audience spoilt by glamour modern clubs and to create something deliberately simple and understandable to common people.



Thus «Xlib» has been launched in resonance with the bohemian crowd’s needs. Notably, the venue is run by people who are quite passionate about what they do. Every aspect is scrupulously looked after what combines with one of the coolest atmospheres in Kiev. Mainly, this urban warehouse-like shelter houses underground music cognoscenti. Whereas, being quite a young venue the club has already acclaimed itself as a serious «Cinema» competitor as it continues to shine year after year.


«Xlib» is a total exception to all the rules of the clubbing culture of the Ukrainian culture. However, the club has reached the some serious success. First of all, it must be credited to the underground party crowd as it managed to conceive the club’s concept correctly: minimum of design, maximum of freedom. Industrial interior is a thorn in a side of those who got used to kitsch velvet, lustrous crystal and gilt details. It looks like there have not been any repairing works at all. Everything is exceptionally simple. In short, the design as such is non-existent here.


The club is divided into 2 rooms that are a dancefloor and a chill-out area. Right in the middle of the dancefloor there is a DJ’s booth provided by contrastingly to the main club concept second-to-none equipment. By the way, the sound in the club is more than decent. The parties that run here can be described as one of the coolest and hype in Kiev. It’s all about epic energy of the dancefloor. Meanwhile the audience is made up by people who come here to listen to DJs, not to spend a night in a glossy decoration box.


However, one minus is the frequent lack of free seats in the chill-out area despite the area being one of the biggest in Kiev. But it can be explained by those amounts of people coming here which turns this drawback into a plus. So if you accidentally hit this place, but you do not like the music, there is no need in rushing to another club, you can lounge yourself in the chill-out and have some lovely time. Guaranteed, the recollections of the night spent here will always be burnt deep into your memory.

Locating a few meters under the ground this is a non-stop venue where it’s easy to forget there is a world existing out there.

Official site: Xlib

Address: Kiev, Frunze St., 12
Phone: 0(44) 417 32 33

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