Forsage Club Kiev
Forsage Club Kiev

Forsage Gece Klubu gençlerin tercih ettiği bir mekan olup şehir merkezinden uzak bir lokasyondadır.

From the very beginning the “Forsage” dance club was aimed on following latest trends of worldwide music. It rapidly gathered pace and within a short time became the favorite hangout of a great number of people. One of the main inner advantages of the club lies in 3 standalone dance floors with totally different musical formats, so that the tastes of both an experienced clubber and a common music fan would be satisfied.


The main dance floor is the heart of the “Forsage” club. This is the place whose stage welcomed more than 300 DJs from foreign countries, and more than 100 bands and performers including Timati, Tomas N’evergreen, Ani Lorak, “Boombox”, and the genius electronic musicians like Slam, Bruno Pronsato, Anja Schneider, Paco Osuna, Speedy J, Gareth Emery and others. Words can’t describe what is going on at each party, it can only be felt as you sense kilowatts of sound and the energy of each person on the dance floor next to you, and as you watch the action on stage. 1000 people can enjoy all this at the same time – that’s the capacity of the main dance floor.


R’n’B is the main music format of the 1st floor of the “Forsage” club (the Lounge Bar). Unfatiguable residents of the club set to the DJ desk every night to show their skill and mastership of style. At daytime the Lounge Bar turns into a silent cozy restaurant where you can try the best meals by the club’s chef. Overall capacity is 200 people. 
The basement floor of the ”Forsage” club (VIP Dance Hall – The Museum of Music History) is able to accommodate 250 people, and gathers an army of Disco of the 80’s and Euro Pop fans every weekend. A system of face control & dress code (FC/DC) is valid at the club in order to maintain the highest level of comfort and safety of our clients. 
In 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012 the “Forsage” dance club has been deservedly awarded as “The best club of Ukraine” according to the respected club portal Top DJ.

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