Kiev Restaurants


Suggested Restaurants in Kiev

Arizona  Classical American breakfast, great American-Mexican food, just like at home. Decorations are cool and you will feel like you are back home. It is hard to tell you are sitting in the Ukraine in this bar! Has pool tables and darts too! 25 Naberezhno-Khreschatytska 416-24-38 

Black and Orange This is my favorite reasonable priced cafe in central Kiev. If you want to take a girl or some friends to a reasonably prices cafe and still have fantastic food in a cool atmosphere, this is the place, look no further. You can get in and out of here for $5.00 to $10.00 per person! 29a Saksahanskoho. 416-35-67 Open 10:00 AM until the last customer.


Café Jam not only has fantastic service and great coffees, ice cream, desserts and cake, but has one of the best views in Kiev.  You can sit and enjoy your coffee while looking out the panoramic view of Globus to shopping center and look down on the main square in Kiev Independence square. I highly recommend the Tiramisu ice cream! Click here to see more of Cafe Jam Kiev.

Chili Pizza is a great new restaurant that has opened right at the main square on the third floor in the Globus shopping center. Chili Pizza has over 40 pizzas on the menu as well as a great selection of Italian dishes and the only authentic chili  know of in Kiev. Click Here to see more of Cili Pizza restaurant in Kiev.

Coffee House:There are many cafes located throughout Kiev Ukraine.  You will see them here and there and they are great places to have a fantastic couple coffee and quietly sit with your date.  A copy here is the best coffee in town and this service is usually excellent.  My favorite coffeehouse Café is located in the Globus shopping center on the second floor above the food court.  It is a great place to people watch.  You can watch every walk by and see the unique people of Kiev Ukraine will have a great cappuccino.  An extra-large cappuccino cost three dollars. Click here to see more of Coffee House Kiev .


Deja Vue This has got be the coolest cafe I have ever been in. Deja Vue has a wild interior that includes antique Harley Davidson, Indian and other motorcycles, as well as, ejector seats from Soviet Planes and Propellers hanging from the ceiling. You have to see this cafe. Deja Vue has live Jazz music playing every night and has a menu with dishes from Chinese to American. 30 B. Khmelnytskoho Street 235-9802 Click here to see more of Deja Vue restaurant in Kiev.

  Eric’s Bar: Stop what you are doing and go to Eric’s Bar NOW. If you only hang out in one place, this is the place. Eric’s is your local neighborhood bar. The atmosphere is like the bar you always wished was near your home. The service is fantastic. The manager Vladimir will great you like an old friend if you come there more than once. Even the owner Eric shows up and greats the guests regularly. This place is hard to find. You can be on top of it and miss it. No address needed. It is across the street from the Kinotheater Kiev on Chervonarmiyska street (Red Army Street). Just walk through the arch on the opposite side of the street from the theater.


   <Eric’s                 Theater>

Fellini restaurant in Kiev Ukraine might just possibly be the best restaurants in Kiev.  It is open 24 hours a day and has a great and reliable kitchen.  The service here is unparalleled.  I highly suggest the chicken Alfredo for only nine dollars.  They also have a great crayfish soufflé at $15.  The crayfish is baked in cheese and it is very rich and need to be eaten with bread which Fellini restaurant is famous for.  Generally prices here are very expensive but if you pick the right things on the menu this restaurant will not only be a great and enjoyable experience for will be reasonably priced. Click here to see more of Fellini restaurant Kiev.

Friday’s   What do you want me to say, it is Friday’s The Friday’s here in Kiev is just like the one back home. The same great food, great atmosphere, and great service at a reasonable price, well reasonable for Westerners.  Location is right off Khreschatyk next to Bessarabskaya market. In fact the address is 5a Bessarabskaya Square.  235-42-64 open noon to midnight. I suggest the chicken fingers. Fantastic and only 28 Hrivnas with fries! Click here to see more of Friday’s restaurant Kiev.

The Golden Gate Pub is situated a short walk from our Kiev office.  You can always be sure of a friendly welcome from the landlord Robin Attryde and his young Ukrainian staff.   The pub servesaward winning beer and the best “Pub Grub” in Kiev with big portions at reasonable prices.   The “Shannon” lounge bar has two pool tables and a darts board while the “Bothy” public bar hosts live music on Fridays and Saturdays from 9:00 PM and on Sunday evening from 8:00 PM shows on large projection screens. American sports live including NFL. Identify yourself as a Kiev Connections client and receive a 10% discount on your bill. 40/2 Vladimirskaya Street. (Across from Golden Gate Metro) 235-5188 Click here for more info on Golden Gate Pub Kiev.

Globus food Court is like your typical food Court to you are familiar with in your mall back home.  There is a McDonald’s, a Baskin-Robbins, the Ukrainian equivalent of Kentucky fried chicken and many other fast food restaurants there the Ukrainian equivalents of your restaurants back home.  I particularly like to each of the food court and then go up the escalator and have a coffee at the coffeehouse Café on the second-floor to people watch the people in the food court below and the people walk by.  The food court in Globe shopping center at the main square independence square is a great place to go and grab a quick snack or fast food. Click here to see more on the restaurants in Globus food court Kiev.

Koleco Russian Restaurant has a fantastic design and wonderful food. Koleso is located on a boat on the Dniper river and is filled with colorful rooms highlighting the history and culture f Russian and the Ukraine. The prices are reasonable considering the quality and in fact, Koleso Russia Restaurant may have the best Chicken Kiev in Kiev! See more of Koleso Russian Restaurant in Kiev here.

Le Cosmopolite This is my new favorite restaurant. It is also known as the Belgian Beer Cafe. It is famed for it’s beer but I like it for the food. I am not a fish eater and I highly suggest the mixed seafood entrée. The service here is great. The quality is first rate and this is not a cheap restaurant but not one that will kill you either. It is located directly across from the entrance to Golden Gate metro station adjacent to the opera house. 47 Vladimirskaya Street 228-7278.

 McDonalds :What can I say about McDonald’s?  Everyone is familiar with McDonald’s and the McDonald’s in Kiev Ukraine have the traditional restaurant menus.  The food here is priced about the same and  cost about the same as back home.  This service and restaurant is usually cleaner and better.  There are 14  McDonald’s in Kiev.  The main Street Kreschatik alone has four! The main square in Kiev is called independent square.  Independence square has an underground mall with a food court there is a McDonald’s there in the food court as well as aboveground.  Down the street in the middle of Kreschatik there’s a McDonald’s next to the Metro entrance.  Both of these McDonald’s are meeting places and your date or friend may ask you to meet them in front of one of these McDonald’s. Click here for more information on McDonalds Kiev

O’Brien’s Irish Pub  “The first and only Irish pub in Kiev”. This is one of the bars where the local foreign residents hang out in. The food and service is fantastic. I suggest the chicken boxy a chicken pancake dish that is excellent. If you are lonely for the English language come here after work hours and hang out at the upstairs bar. There will be dozens of Americans, British and Irish.  Opens at 8:00. 17a Mykhailivska 229-15-84 Click here for more info on O’Briens Irish Pub Kiev Ukraine

Patio Pizza Located in the same building as Fridays. Again, great food, great service, and great price. A Patio Pizza is 58 Hrivna ($11.00). I can’t tell you the number of toppings. There are too many to count! Best pizza I have had in Kiev. This pizza will feed two average people, or one very hungry American. The restaurant also has a large selection of great Italian food. Authentic  Italian atmosphere inside. 235-44-46 5a Bessarabskaya Square 235-44-46. Open noon until midnight. Click here to see more of Patio Pizza Restaurant Kiev.

Planeta Sushi is a great sushi restaurant conveniently located on the main street Kreschatik only 100 yards from the main  square Independence Square. Most ladies in Kiev find sushi VERY exotic. Click here for more information on Planets Sushi  restaurant Kiev Ukraine.

Repriza Cafe Kiev. There are 4 Repriza restaurants in Kiev. hey are the perfect cafes. The cakes and deserts are probably the best in Kiev and the main dishes are VERY delicious and are less than $10.00. I would highly suggest the Salmon in a white cream mushroom sauce and the potatoes au gratin.  Please click here to see more of Repriza cafe Kiev Ukraine.

Taras  For those of you who want the Ukrainian experience this is the place. This restaurant is in Taras Shevchenko park and looks like a village home. The interior is traditional Ukrainian and so is the food. The prices are very reasonable, the service is good and if you want local food come here. 235-2132

Tequila House If you are in Kiev and you are missing Mexican food or you would like to show the locals a taste of what it is like back home you can not miss by going to the Tequila House. Tequila House is exactly like the typical Mexican restaurant that you have been to 100 times. I eat her often. The service is great, food fantastic, and the atmosphere makes me homesick. 

Wagon Restaurant  If you want to drop some bucks (Hrivnas in Kiev) and have a great experience this is the place. The restaurant is made up of train wagons and platforms. My favorite is the turn of the century British wagon but the Tsar Nicolas wagon is only for parties. The locals tend to like the cowboy wagon. Bring money and impress your date. The food is great too. Have the steak with tiger shrimp inside. 52 Red Army Street. 227-0490.

Yakatori Japanese Restaurant is by far the best Japanese restaurant in Kiev. Yakatori restaurant is constantly receiving awards for being the best Japanese and Sushi Restaurant in Kiev. If you do not like Sushi Yakatori has a large menu of cooked foods.  My favorite is a cooked roll of chicken breast with a cheese center for less than $10.00. Yakatori  has 4 locations in Kiev and all are a short taxi ride from the main street in Kiev. I would suggest the location at 27 Lesi Ukrainki Boulevard. You can even order food delivered at 237-55-37. Click here to see more of Yakatori Japanese Sushi Restaurant in Kiev.

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