Kiev Eğlence Mekanları

Arena Dance Club               Caribbean Club                   Shooters



            Avalon                             Vodka Bar                           Forsage

            Vodka Bar              forsage club


         Art Club 44                                     Saxon Club                                       Xlib Club

Ev!        Free Night for Girls             photo of Xlib Club


         D-Lux Club                             Crystal hall Night Club                    Disco Radio hall



 River Palace

How to Party in Kyiv During the EURO 2012 football championship

Kyiv is a real party center. It has hundreds of pubs, restaurants and nightclubs that provide food, alcohol and music almost 24 hours a day.

The city almost never sleeps and as it expects thousands of visitors from all Europe it will provide a special entertainment programs during the EURO 2012 football championship.

Once you are in the city and willing to have real fun start your night at Kyiv pubs which are the bestfootball watching spots except for OLimpiyskiy stadium. There are several must go pubs in Kyiv, one of the best is Golden Gate pub. This pub has absolutely great location and wonderful English speaking service. It has several large TV screens, delicious food and many-many sorts of beer and whiskey. Golden gate pub also provides live music bands that won’t let you sit calmly so wear some comfortable shoes when you go there.

Another great place to go during 2012 EURO football championship is “Palata # 6” (Ward # 6). This bar is absolutely wild. It is made as a real madhouse with cute nurses-waitresses. The best thing about this place is its prices, they are very low. If you made your way to the bar don’t forget to try its most famous cocktail that includes 4 types of shots, a helmet and a baton.

The third best pub to go is “Sunduk Pub”. It is a chain of pubs that has a good service and nice design. It has two floors and many types of high quality alcohol.

During the pauses of the shots you can go on a very interesting night tour around Kyiv. The only thing you need to do is to book it or simply get acquainted with some of the local people that are usually friendly and willing to have as much fun as they could.

Once you danced and drank in pubs you can continue your journey to Kyiv nightclubs. It is not easy to define the best one but there are three most popular nightclubs that you can visit during 2012 European football championship.

Arena entertainment center is probably the best place to go. The center has several clubs that have luxurious design and great music. Each of the club invites different famous Djs that are usually accompanied by pretty Pj dancers. Arena clubs have a rather strict face control so be sure you look fashionable enough when you go there.

Another popular nightclub in Kyiv is Dysko Patipa Klub. It is a large and fully booked nightclub that has all kinds of music, entertainment and alcohol. The prevailed style of music in Kyiv nightclubs is houseR’n’Band pop. Patipa has a democratic face control but still don’t wear sweatshirt if you want to get in.

The last and most exotic nightclub in Kyiv is The Caribbean.  This club has everything: live music and top Djs. But the best thing about the club is that it has absolutely fabulous Latino parties. These parties include Salsa classesdance showsstrip and all night dancing. It also has good English speaking service, many foreigners and bonny Ukrainian ladies that were recently estimated by TravelDigest magazine as the most beautiful women in the world.

So pack your bag and make your way to Kyiv, the city of wild fun and sleepless nights while attending 2012 EURO football championship.

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